The new brand identity and the latest film produced by Pareto Works were presented at the last edition of Busan International Film Festival. Pareto Works, Korean production company, has chosen our office in Seoul to develop a branding project through the creation of a new logo. We were there, in our second home, to attend one of the biggest events in the Asian film scene, and this has given us so much satisfaction and emotion.


What was our creative inspiration? The mission of our client and the explicit reference to its name inspired us. Pareto Works is an important and reliable company, and its name honors one of the most important economists of the history. Departing from here, we started designing.

The logotype used for the graphics is a continuous line that forms a monogram of the company name’s initials ‘PW’, and it’s based on the concept of ‘Pareto efficiency’: by showing how the intersection of two curves can produce a perfect allocation of resources. An imaginary shield, positive symbol of strength and nobility, becomes the perimeter of the monogram to give authoritative look to the entire image and expresses the value offered by the company.