Mercatia is an Italian start-up that wants to be a valuable commercial intermediary between the domestic and the global market, positioning itself as “problem solver” for companies that want to expand their business across borders.

The branding project involved the creation of logo, naming and payoff and describes a reality from a vocation that is absolutely Italian. A bridge towards internationalization; an efficient network between companies; a reality with an overview of the global market: these are the elements that guided the choice of logotype and symbol, giving the payoff the task of explaining the company’s mission.


The graphic design encloses in the blue chosen, the Italian entrepreneurial vocation, enhancing the national color. The symbol, an ‘M’ crossed by a semi-circular section, resumes between the concept of the horizon, the globe and the bridge.
The naming, a Greek-Italian neologism, underlines the importance of the “Made in Italy” in the world.