If a smile is worth a thousand words, what is the value of an incisive and rigorous image? That’s what we wondered approaching the work of rebranding and corporate identity for Combivox. We had confirmation of the importance of creative design of a coordinated image is important for a client strategy.

It was exciting to take this path with Combivox , historical account of our agency and national leader in the field of video surveillance, home automation and alarm systems.
The twenty-year collaboration has allowed us to plan strategically and in synergy with the corporate marketing department, the evolution of a brand synonymous with innovation and cutting-edge.



combivox-storia_logo- maggipinto agency- rebrandingThe result of this collaboration has led Combivox on the podium of the A & S Italy Advertising Award 2013 and reward them as a company that has been able to promote its brand by conceiving a campaign of direct and effective communication.

The rebranding project for Combivox and the new visual identity passed by the redesign of the logo, to the set of correspondence; printed presentation, website, visual and textual content.



combivox- nuove icone- maggipinto agency - rebranding

combivox packaging -maggipinto agency

combivox PRODOTTO - maggipinto agency- tebranding

The communication strategic objective was to gradually add a brand-oriented approach to the product-oriented direction, used until then confirming the will to broaden the focus also on brand equity.

This has been our strategic response to the marketing goal aimed at widening the target audience and elevating the positioning of the brand, communicating in a simpler and direct way, the benefits of the brand.

Combivox promises protection to 360 ° providing high technology products, ease of use and peace of mind for the end customer. The concept of “Peace of Mind” has guided this step creating “Enjoy life, safely”, emotional payoff with a user-friendly tone that confirms the strategic direction.

The communication becomes more familiar, simple and effective and is oriented to a wider target audience comprising installers and end customers.

combivox-brochure - maggipinto agency - rebranding- corporate

combivox- brochure aperta-maggipinto agency

From a design point of view, the new logo is an evolution of the previous version, but less aggressive and lighter to be modern and user-friendly. The image remains solid in its historical values but is projected towards a more cutting edge future, following market trends.

The red color was chosen because it directly associated with a mouth: important reference to the pioneering spirit of the company, which has first invented and produced ECUs speakers. The color was then maintained to provide continuity in the design.

What about Mister Combivox? New adventures await him in 2015, in a new, more realistic version. To be continued…

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