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Black Men Without A College Degree Are Less Employable

March 13th is the date for the eye and heartworm/Lyme testing clinic being held by the Central NY Shetland Sheepdog Club. This will be held at Village Veterinary Hospital in Canastota. The clinic runs from 10 am until 3 pm. Eye checks will be done by Dr. Tom Kern of Cornell.

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Out of what seemed nowhere, there was a man who called himself “Ladybug” walking with us. He was this tall man in his 30s with a hat covered in white feathers. I thought how much more like a cousin to Lisa in her “bird” costume he looked, rather than a ladybug.

You best essay in the world reviews http://essayviewer.com/australianessay-com-review/ University of California, Berkeley will find it each week at WFHT-AM 1390 in Orlando-Avon Park, Florida on the weekly program ‘A Voice for Freedom.’ Join Lori Hendry and Ginger Carlisle each Saturday morning from 11 AM to 12 Noon for interesting guests and news of vital importance to conservatives. Those living outside the station’s listening area can listen via the Internet.

At lunch, I made my way first to the medical tent for two bags of ice. I knew that I were going to be able to walk the last leg in to the holding area later in the day, I needed to keep my shins iced as much as I could. There was great relief.

I remember seeing the walkway that bridged the trail to the sidewalk at the University of Washington. We were on the home stretch! As we neared the holding area, the motorcade pulled behind us– Ladybug, Sirena, and me, along with Amberlea, our caboose.

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Ariza then switched teams by joining the Orlando Magic in 2006. Ariza was traded to the team together with Anefernee “Penny” Hardaway for Steve Francis. Finally, after more than year of playing for the Orlando Magic, Ariza was again traded for Brian Cook and Maurice Evans of the Los Angeles Lakers.

In short, the way a couple handles financial difficulty tends to represent the way they handle other problems in their marriage, but in a clearer way that can be quite revealing about each spouse as well as their relationship with each other.

Ariza went to pursue further studies at the University of California in Los Angeles. After a year at the university, Ariza, then 19 years old, was listed as one of the amateur basketball player choices in the 2004 NBA Draft. He was selected by the New York Knicks to join their team. Ariza was a second round draft choice and one of the youngest rookies in Knicks history. The Knicks, headed by Larry Brown, was trying to implement a youth movement. Ariza played for the Knicks after he was replaced by 2005 draft pick, David Lee.

Make sure you get your sleep – A sleep expert from Cornell University stated that poor quality and quantity of sleep totally saps our mental clarity. During the deep sleep cycle the brain is busy bundling up and moving our memories into the long term storage locker in our brain. Anything thing that would happen to interfere with this transfer can affect the ability to retain this information. Therefore, good sleep is more important than you might have thought.

Then again, it may not have worked. But what’s certain is that the estrogen and progesterone hormones secreted in the urine may have stimulated vegetable seeds to sprout.

Theses powerful advantages can make the difference between success and failure in a tight and highly competitive market. While finding a niche and the principles that drive it can still be effective in some markets, it’s obvious the pickings are getting slimmer. The smart marketers are seeing the handwriting on the wall and getting ahead of the crowd by learning niche “creation” skills. It’s a valuable skill to have in your toolbox if you market any kind of product, service or business.

Yoo Neik - photo -maggipinto agency  sound music brand project


From the video “Calling Out” 유내익 – 부른다, to the creation of the graphic design of the last EP by the Korean singer Yoo Neik , we present a project that has marked an important stage in the collaboration between our Italian offices and that of Seoul.



The video, shot in Lecce together with top model Raquel Balencia, sees the direction of photographer Joseph Cardo and the creative direction of Maggipinto Agency. The video-clip, broadcast on Korean TV, tells the story of the love born during a photo shooting. We don’t anticipate anything about the end, and we invite you to watch the video on our Youtube channel.

Backstage NeIke yoo - Maggipinto Agency - Sound -music - brand




Produced By · Maggipinto Agency / GROUNDstudio/ Ryu Company

Art Director · Giovanni Maggipinto

Music Video Directed by · Joseph Cardo – Photographer/Official

Raquel Balencia Official Dressed by · Francesco Paolo Salerno

Yoo Neik dressed by · Business (Bisceglie)

Italia/Korea coordinator · In-Mo Jeong

1st Assistant · Carmine Sardaro

Camera Operator · Daniele Cardone

Video Assistant · Giuseppe Doronzo

Steady Cam · Antonio Corvasce

Hair Stylist · Henzo Lorusso

Make-up Artist · Barbara Pastore

PR/ Press Office · Valentina Basile



nick the nightfly- cover blog- logo - maggipinto agency


We met in May to show him our creative solutions to a very special brief; and today, here there is the result: ENJOY THE MUSIC, the new compilation of Nick the Nightfly!

Nick-the-nightfly - maggipinto - Agency - meeting - brief

nick the nightfly - maggipinto agency - enjoy the music - cd detail

A completely new logo and artwork signed by Maggipinto Agency, for the historical voice of Monte Carlo Nights. Explosive and renewed energy, and a unique brand that will accompany him in all his musical adventures from now on.

nick the nightfly - maggipinto agency - sony music - enjoy the music - cd front

For us it was fundamental that the design of the new logo would lead to the creation of a logotype that strongly reflected the identity of the Scottish crooner, friend and client of our agency. The symbol chosen it’s the exact graphical representation of a versatile artist with unmistakable traits.

nick the nightfly- tavola_logo - maggipinto agency

Moreover, collaborating with Sony Music for the realization of concept and design for the new album, was extremely stimulating.


Enjoy. Listen to good music.



If a smile is worth a thousand words, what is the value of an incisive and rigorous image? That’s what we wondered approaching the work of rebranding and corporate identity for Combivox. We had confirmation of the importance of creative design of a coordinated image is important for a client strategy.

It was exciting to take this path with Combivox , historical account of our agency and national leader in the field of video surveillance, home automation and alarm systems.
The twenty-year collaboration has allowed us to plan strategically and in synergy with the corporate marketing department, the evolution of a brand synonymous with innovation and cutting-edge.



combivox-storia_logo- maggipinto agency- rebrandingThe result of this collaboration has led Combivox on the podium of the A & S Italy Advertising Award 2013 and reward them as a company that has been able to promote its brand by conceiving a campaign of direct and effective communication.

The rebranding project for Combivox and the new visual identity passed by the redesign of the logo, to the set of correspondence; printed presentation, website, visual and textual content.



combivox- nuove icone- maggipinto agency - rebranding

combivox packaging -maggipinto agency

combivox PRODOTTO - maggipinto agency- tebranding

The communication strategic objective was to gradually add a brand-oriented approach to the product-oriented direction, used until then confirming the will to broaden the focus also on brand equity.

This has been our strategic response to the marketing goal aimed at widening the target audience and elevating the positioning of the brand, communicating in a simpler and direct way, the benefits of the brand.

Combivox promises protection to 360 ° providing high technology products, ease of use and peace of mind for the end customer. The concept of “Peace of Mind” has guided this step creating “Enjoy life, safely”, emotional payoff with a user-friendly tone that confirms the strategic direction.

The communication becomes more familiar, simple and effective and is oriented to a wider target audience comprising installers and end customers.

combivox-brochure - maggipinto agency - rebranding- corporate

combivox- brochure aperta-maggipinto agency

From a design point of view, the new logo is an evolution of the previous version, but less aggressive and lighter to be modern and user-friendly. The image remains solid in its historical values but is projected towards a more cutting edge future, following market trends.

The red color was chosen because it directly associated with a mouth: important reference to the pioneering spirit of the company, which has first invented and produced ECUs speakers. The color was then maintained to provide continuity in the design.

What about Mister Combivox? New adventures await him in 2015, in a new, more realistic version. To be continued…

Combivox-calendario-control-maggipinto agency copy copy



Have you ever wondered where beauty comes from? We only found it out listening to the fashion designers Francesco Paolo Salerno and Raquel Balencia when they arrived at our agency.

Together they created the new haute couture brand called Salerno Balencia, for which we designed the logo and curated the entire branding project. The discovery of a world in which artisanship and attention to details are the focus, has inspired our work.


With the same mastery of craftsmen, we wanted to create a logotype with delicate, unique and timeless style. The simplicity and elegance of the forms hide obsessive attention. We gave a precious allure to the logo, through the creation of a character that depicts “grace” and the choice of colors with added metallic powder puff in pink lettering.


The collaboration, for the realization of the catalog, with an internationally renowned photographer as Joseph Cardo, then added a plus, vital to the image of the brand, enriching it with ethereal charm.

1 2

We are in Milan for the official presentation of “The Light Every Woman Deserves” the new collection of Salerno Balencia.
Yes. Beauty begins here.



Vivai Lavermicocca

Lavermicocca nursery is one of those clients with whom there is synergy of thought and whose openness towards any type of creative concept, pushes us to work without boundaries. Designing and interpreting the green without violating it, it’s their prerogative. Lavermicocca Gardenig & Design is an Apulian reality, with potential, ambition and professionalism, able to compete well with national players.

1 2

The collaboration with our agency began about a year ago. Strategic consulting and creative offer for this client, started with the redesign of the company logo; continued with the creation of a brand identity clear and univocal; then translated into a new website; and still continue with the implementation of Adv campaigns, and in general with all the integrated communication actions implemented by the company.

1 2

We invite you to visit their new Garden Center and discover the entire creative project carried out by our Agency.



How to give a unique and distinguishable brand identity to an emerging fashion designer? Which solution makes a brand original in the fashion world? We gave answers to these questions by building a strong brand identity for Natasha Di Leo.


For this integrated branding project, started with the creation of naming and logo, we created a unique image that reflected the mood of the designer, enriched with creative recognisable pluses.

A minimalist structure of lines distinguishes a logo charmingly strong and sophisticated. We worked on geometric cuts that looked not too aggressive, and at the same time, were able to retain an elegant and resolute character.



Mercatia is an Italian start-up that wants to be a valuable commercial intermediary between the domestic and the global market, positioning itself as “problem solver” for companies that want to expand their business across borders.

The branding project involved the creation of logo, naming and payoff and describes a reality from a vocation that is absolutely Italian. A bridge towards internationalization; an efficient network between companies; a reality with an overview of the global market: these are the elements that guided the choice of logotype and symbol, giving the payoff the task of explaining the company’s mission.


The graphic design encloses in the blue chosen, the Italian entrepreneurial vocation, enhancing the national color. The symbol, an ‘M’ crossed by a semi-circular section, resumes between the concept of the horizon, the globe and the bridge.
The naming, a Greek-Italian neologism, underlines the importance of the “Made in Italy” in the world.



The new brand identity and the latest film produced by Pareto Works were presented at the last edition of Busan International Film Festival. Pareto Works, Korean production company, has chosen our office in Seoul to develop a branding project through the creation of a new logo. We were there, in our second home, to attend one of the biggest events in the Asian film scene, and this has given us so much satisfaction and emotion.


What was our creative inspiration? The mission of our client and the explicit reference to its name inspired us. Pareto Works is an important and reliable company, and its name honors one of the most important economists of the history. Departing from here, we started designing.

The logotype used for the graphics is a continuous line that forms a monogram of the company name’s initials ‘PW’, and it’s based on the concept of ‘Pareto efficiency’: by showing how the intersection of two curves can produce a perfect allocation of resources. An imaginary shield, positive symbol of strength and nobility, becomes the perimeter of the monogram to give authoritative look to the entire image and expresses the value offered by the company.


Primadonna Collection: Choose Your Style, Feel Fashionable

Maggipinto Agency and Primadonna Collection, together again for a whole integrated communication project. The 2014 Fall Winter collection is celebrated through a new ad campaign published on all the top fashion magazines, beside a complete communication set and retail materials.

Lancaster x Dodo

Working on such a brand, a world leader, is a fascinating challenge. Managing an international project reaching the best success gives us the greatest satisfaction, thanks to an efficient teamwork.

In this 2014 action, we wanted to bring the brand back home, making Milano speak of italian style trough beautifully crafted images of fashion and elite feeling.

In fact, after years of shootings around the globe, we thought it was time to feel again that nice sensation of the starting point of Primadonna success: Italy, and ultimately, Milano. So we see our international models enjoying the city as the heart of fashion, discovering the beauty of Milano, by day and by night.

Great attention has been dedicated in choosing the shooting locations ad organising the whole operation, starting with a tough selection for the right girl models. Then, a great team was able to optimise all the efforts in order to achieve the maximum results.

The Primadonna Collection project goes far beyond the shooting for a collection campaign. Knowledge of the business, strategical skills and creative direction are just few of the factors needed for developing an all-round project that is planned to efficiently grow, further increasing the brand awareness within the complex global landscape of fashion.

1 2

This is a route through women’s culture and through the whole world, that represents an exciting challenge for us. Emphasising and strengthening the Primadonna style: we are proud to be back to this big family, a leading brand that makes the difference celebrating womens’ love for life.