Have you ever wondered where beauty comes from? We only found it out listening to the fashion designers Francesco Paolo Salerno and Raquel Balencia when they arrived at our agency.

Together they created the new haute couture brand called Salerno Balencia, for which we designed the logo and curated the entire branding project. The discovery of a world in which artisanship and attention to details are the focus, has inspired our work.


With the same mastery of craftsmen, we wanted to create a logotype with delicate, unique and timeless style. The simplicity and elegance of the forms hide obsessive attention. We gave a precious allure to the logo, through the creation of a character that depicts “grace” and the choice of colors with added metallic powder puff in pink lettering.


The collaboration, for the realization of the catalog, with an internationally renowned photographer as Joseph Cardo, then added a plus, vital to the image of the brand, enriching it with ethereal charm.

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We are in Milan for the official presentation of “The Light Every Woman Deserves” the new collection of Salerno Balencia.
Yes. Beauty begins here.


Vivai Lavermicocca


Lavermicocca nursery is one of those clients with whom there is synergy of thought and whose openness towards any type of creative concept, pushes us to work without boundaries. Designing and interpreting the green without violating it, it’s their prerogative. Lavermicocca Gardenig & Design is an Apulian reality, with potential, ambition and professionalism, able to compete well with national players.

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The collaboration with our agency began about a year ago. Strategic consulting and creative offer for this client, started with the redesign of the company logo; continued with the creation of a brand identity clear and univocal; then translated into a new website; and still continue with the implementation of Adv campaigns, and in general with all the integrated communication actions implemented by the company.

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We invite you to visit their new Garden Center and discover the entire creative project carried out by our Agency.



How to give a unique and distinguishable brand identity to an emerging fashion designer? Which solution makes a brand original in the fashion world? We gave answers to these questions by building a strong brand identity for Natasha Di Leo.


For this integrated branding project, started with the creation of naming and logo, we created a unique image that reflected the mood of the designer, enriched with creative recognisable pluses.

A minimalist structure of lines distinguishes a logo charmingly strong and sophisticated. We worked on geometric cuts that looked not too aggressive, and at the same time, were able to retain an elegant and resolute character.