The BOSCH factory in Bari employs approximately 2,000 employees and works from the early 90s in the location that became famous for designing and manufacturing the diesel fuel injection pump for Common Rail engines. In 2014, the company has redefined its vision and instructed Maggipinto Agency to represent BOSH graphically, in order to optimize the internal communication and make the productivity more efficient. The result is an impactful infographic, in perfect harmony with the guidelines of the brand, which is inspired by the concepts of movement and creation: a turbine that produces energy and, by creating power can move efficiently and effectively the engine.

The headquarter of Bari, center pin and productive pivot, it’s the nucleus from which the company develops the three macro strategic areas: partners, products and profitability. Values ​​and objectives are the starting point of reference in order to motivate the most important asset for the company: people.